Survey: Mobile Trends in the Asset Management Industry

On mobile phonesIn a recent post, I wrote about the importance of using mobile devices for capturing and transferring knowledge. Employees are more successful when they have easy-to-use apps at their fingertips—apps that make it simple to find facts, capture data, and share information. When employees are successful, their employers are successful, which explains why there’s an upsurge in the investment that companies are making in mobile technology.

In the asset management industry, external wholesalers are one of the largest groups using mobile technology. For everyone, but perhaps especially for those who spend time out of the office, time is money and knowledge is power. The conversations that externals have with advisors can be very detailed. Being able to recall those details is crucial, not only to the external, but also to their internal wholesaler and their firm. Externals are constantly on the go, and utilizing mobile devices and apps to capture those details and make the most of their time is essential to success.

At SalesPage, we like to ask questions, learn from the answers, and craft outstanding solutions. Mobile accessibility is necessary in today’s business world—but what exactly are the current mobile trends in the asset management industry? In your firm, which user groups (in addition to or apart from external wholesalers) currently benefit from mobility? What’s your firm’s mobile strategy?

We thought the best way to find out would be to ask you—financial services professionals—directly; after all, you and your peers are the experts!

We put together a mobile survey to discover how external wholesalers and other user groups (internal wholesalers, sales, operations, and marketing) use mobile devices and mobile apps.  If you work in—or with—any of these user groups, we’d appreciate 5 minutes of your time. (Yes, I did mention that ‘time is money and knowledge is power’ – and yes, here I am, asking for some of your time. Here’s the payoff: you give us 5 minutes of your time, and we’ll share what we learn with you, AND we’ll enter you in a drawing to win an iPad mini 3! With your input, our mobile apps will be stronger and more useful than ever before; having the best apps at your fingertips can have a direct impact on your bottom line.)

So, please take just 5 minutes now—or before September 18, 2015—to complete our short survey.

We’ll share what we learn with you. You’ll be able to see how your mobile strategy stacks up against that of your peers; the results may provide you with new ideas to weave into your mobile strategy.

While you’re waiting to see the survey results, I’d be happy to show you how SalesPage clients are able to access important information when they use our mobile tools. Give me a shout!